Friday, 16 April 2010

8" Banded Steels.

Got a call today, saying my steels where ready for collecting, unfortunatley the steels where pretty pitted when i got them, thought the blasting and powder coating would cover it, not the case though, gonna need a bit more tlc when time allows.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

All things bright and beautiful.

On the 4th day.

For the 4th day running the sun is shining on the south coast of England, and the bikes not finished.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Banded Steels.

Went out to Paul C's today, my Banded Steels for the T3 are ready for paint.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Poole Quay Bike Night

The summers coming, Bike Night kicked off today.

The UK’s biggest and best weekly bike meet takes places on Poole Quay every Tuesday from 6pm. This popular motorbike event, sponsored by Coles Miller Solicitors , runs from the first Tuesday in April to the end of September.

The entire Quay is closed off to all traffic, except bikes. Numbers of motorbikes regularly exceed 1000. The display features a wide range of models and makes, many of which have been modified and fitted with interesting features and extras.

Coles Miller Dream Machines is a fully marshalled event, with a £1 entry charge per night or £6 for a season armband (on sale at the Welcome Centre on Poole Quay). It is a self-funding event and once all event costs have been deducted the surplus is donated to charities selected by the volunteer marshals.

The event creates a unique, exciting atmosphere as bikers and spectators enjoy a relaxed evening on Poole Quay. The backdrop of the quay and harbour offers the perfect location and there is a great selection of waterside cafes, bars, restaurants and food kiosks offering refreshment, many with bike night specials on their menus.

When the main quayside area becomes full there is a second arena at Harbourside Park available.

The popular “Bike of the Night” competition takes place every week. On the evening a different judge selected by Poole Tourism selects their favourite bike on display. The winner receives some brilliant bike related goodies and also gets an invitation to the end of season “Bike of the Year” competition, which takes place on the final Tuesday in September.

Dream Machines is sponsored by Coles Miller Solicitors as part of Wave 105’s Summertime in the South events programme.

Stolen Bike.

This bike was owned by the same person for over 20 years but some shitty little fuckers stole it last night... keep an eye out for this bike or any A7 parts being advertised... any info please contact

The bike details are Reg TSL 120,

engine number CA7 4727frame GA7 6363

Copied from

Pan Head.

I'm luv'in chrome, no shit, pure and simple, full credit to the owner.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Can't remember where i stole this pic from, but aren't rainbows beautiful.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

100% Biker

Thanks to Nick @ 100% Biker for putting my bike in his mag.....don't look nothing like that now.

Dice Stickers

Got my Dice stickers today.