Friday, 23 October 2009

Thursday, 22 October 2009

F 150.

Paul C's truck, he's since sold it...would have looked good on my drive.

T 500.

If i ever get a Triumph, it would have to end up looking like this.

F*ck you.

Marry me.

Pan Head.

Everything about this bike is so right.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Complete Madness

Managed to get some tickets for Madness @ the BIC Bmth,
not to everyone's taste but i love em.

Girls and Bikes.

New Paint by Flakey Dave.

Got my tank back from Flakey Dave, better than i imagined.........thanks Flakey.

Bitwell Bash Hat.

Just arrived in the post heavy flake Bitwell.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

You Tube.

These make me laugh.

And who would'nt!

Soooooo nice.

New Bars.

Fabricated by a Jockey Journal member itusedtobeaboutchoppers .

Furry One.

House trained and good with children....

Some of my favourites.

Milley the Jack Russell.

The family pet.......who needs a burglar alarm....when you've got this.

Baiter Park.

Sunny day at Baiter Skatepark Poole and Helen from 100% Biker turns up with her camera.

100% Biker.

100% Biker want to do a photo shoot of my bike for the magazine.


July 08 and a visit to Attitude Customs...see's me placing an order for a cheap no thrills Chop/Bobber.

Fat Boy.

Two summer's passed and the Nitetrain was sold to fund the purchase of a new Fat Boy... what a piece of shit that was! Sept 08.....guess what? i sold it.....and vowed never to buy another showroom floor Harley.


Harley then brought out the Nitetrain with a factory fitted 200 section rear tyre, so the Fat Boy was traded in...i then threw as much bling at it that was possible........SHIT what was i thinking....

Fat Boy.

By this time i'd had enough of the Streetfighter scene, so a trip tp DG 20 saw me walk out of the door with this....

Before the Zed's i had a 1200 Bandit, had it bored out to a 1216.....that was'nt enough so i strapped a bottle of Nitrous to it, then had some nice paint thrown over it, it was then featured in the Streetfighters Mag, pics to follow..........

Zed Thou.

Sold the Orange Zed and the following summer i purchased this one......and went stealth.

Play Time.

Z 1000.

Bought this new, took it straight home and fitted a 4 into 1, Renthal's and a smaller font Sprocket.

V Max.

Owned two of these......this was the best, Taylor Made Wheels, Wavy Disc's, Renthals and Matt Paint.